Proses Galvanisasi

Galvanizing is the new name of the PT. Bukit Terang Paksi Galvanizing formed in 1997 for zinc coating solutions (galvanizing) by the hot dipping method. Our advantage is to coat all steel material with a special request. This method of galvanizing provides the customer with an option to inexpensively protect its valuable engineered structure from the corrosive action of rust. Why Galvanizing Galvanizing steel products can provide the steel the protection from corrosive reaction when the steel products are getting exposed to open air. It will also reduce the total maintenance expenses over the lifetime of the steel when compared to steel not treated with galvanized process. Characteristics: Corrosion resistant (the galvanizing layer prevents rust for decades) Abrasion and impact resistant (zinc alloy layers are harder than base steel). Cathodic protection (a slightly damaged galvanized layer can still protect exposed steel from corrosion).

Galvaniszing Process

Galvanizing Process : Hot Dip Galvanizing is a thermal process of coating steel products with a layer of zinc. Through this process, steel can become stronger and corrosion resistant, thus requiring less maintenance over the life of the products. Galvanizing offers steel products resistance to impact and abrasion, whilst providing cathodic protection. Because of this galvanizing is essential for the maintenance of steel no matter what shape or size. The galvanizing process is as follow: 1. Hot caustic degreasing (removal of oil, organic materials and paint). 2. Hydrochloric acid pickling (removal of rust and mill scale) 3. Rinsing (removal of acid residues) 4. Pre-fluxing in solution of zinc ammonium chloride (surface conditioning) 5. Hot Dip Galvanizing (total immersion n molten zinc at 450 degrees Celsius) Quenching (cooling and passivation of the zinc surface to prevent early oxidation)

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